Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Time We Saw Gwenyth Paltrow, Apple, and Moses at the New York Hall of Science

When I spotted Gwenyth Paltrow,
she looked like any ordinary mom:
kind of tired but happy to be out with her kids.
Her kids seemed kind of bored of the place
(they were zooming through it as fast as we were, 
and they're only a third our age),
but they had some fun playing with the giant bubbles.

It was in the animation section 
that I spotted her.
We were at the New York Hall of Science because
I had a Google Offer coupon that was expiring.
We didn't go with any kids,
so it was really weird and kind of lame for us.
Seeing Gwenyth
was a lot of fun though.

Gwenyth plays with bubbles too!

To not be too obnoxious,
I took these photos of her through fish tank.
(Kind of like a fish eye lens,
but totally not.)

These photos look really stalkerish,
but it's better than being superobvious, I think.
A few adults recognized her and took
"discrete" photos of her too,
but mostly everyone was concerned about making
giant bubbles.

Jon posed 
so I could try to take a better photo of her,
but I really like this photo the best.

Wee's looking at the poor dead fish 
floating at the top of the tank.

Gwenyth is in the back.
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