Thursday, August 16, 2012

When the Sun Sets After Yoga


I love when there are
delicious berry and orange clouds.

I had a yoga class outdoors,
on the faux grass,
and it was a lot of fun.

The faux grass was very cushion-y.
We tumbled like toddlers,
trying to do headstands and other crazy positions
that would seem dangerous and impossible (to me) on a studio's wood floor.

I was the worst at yoga of the whole class of four students.

Everyone in my yoga classes seems to do it really seriously.
It's hard to relax,
which I thought was kind of the point
of doing yoga.
The point of these classes seems to breathe
while hurting
a lot.

I'm the only one that wears sweatpants.
I wear sweatpants because
those are the only exercise pants
that hide my panty lines.
Even the old man wears body-hugging shorts.

I just bought a bunch of hiphugger briefs
that will hopefully hide those lines.

I've invested in contacts for zumba classes.
I cannot bounce around with glasses sliding down my nose.

Exercising is nuts.
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