Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Derecho: Or a Very Cloudy Afternoon

A few weeks ago,
NYC and the tri-state area
faced the evil

It's simply a hurricane
that comes from the land
vs. the water.

So the things to fear were:
heavy rain
high winds

I had only heard of the term "derecho"
as I was walking home.

At around 6 p.m.
it was supersunny
and there was hardly threat of any rain.

What actually happened
about an hour later
was just a midsummer evening's rain storm.
It was as anticlimatic as Irene,
which is always a good thing.

Lots of people got cool pics of it.
At the time, Twitter had millions of Instagram photos.

Jon's account of the derecho:
He fell down the stairs of his office building
with his bike.
Then realized he forgot our food to make dinner,
so he walked back up to retrieve it.
He securely fastened the groceries to his bike.
He raced the derecho home,
but since his bike fell
the gears weren't correct,
so he wasn't moving very fast.
He saw a cool opportunity for a photo,
but he wisely decided against stopping to take it.
(It started pouring as he got to the apartment.
His ankle was extremely swollen for the weekend.)
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