Monday, April 1, 2013

Fresh Direct Bluenanas Are in Season!

Jon and I ordered a few bunches
of these new bluenanas
before they ran out.
As a blue food they're supposedly
very high in antioxidants
and very good for memory, diabetes, and everything.

I also read that even though the plant
is carnivorous, 
it only eats Smurfs,
so humans wandering 
through a bluenana grove
are safe, 
and it helps keep the Smurf population down, 

But in all actuality,
Jon was pretty excited about this
until he realized it was a joke.
I'd warned him this morning not to be fooled too!
Now he's a bit disappointed.
If bluenanas tasted anything
like bananas and blueberries,
I'd be very disappointed they didn't actually exist too,
but who knows, man?!
Who knows?!
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