Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Two Poems Are Better Than One

It's poetry month!
I think the only publisher who actually celebrates this month is
Random House.
I get a poem a day from them
for the month of April every year
in my e-mail.
It's a lovely thing.

Anyway, I'm not sure how prolific I will be this month,
but here are two poems
just for you:
"Two Cats"
*(Wee came up with the first two lines.
When I asked her what she does when she's sad,
she said she hugs her cats.)
"Dead Bird"
*(It's about the dead bird I saw this morning of all mornings.)

I'm a little rusty at writing poetry, 
so just laugh with me.
Okay, here goes:

Two Cats

Two cats are better than one
Two cats are so much fun
Two cats, paired like peas in a pod
Two cats, neither of them are named Todd
Two cats, frowning at your skeptical face
Two cats, next on The Amazing Race
Two cats hike the Appalachian Trail
Two cats will never fail
Two cats are asleep in your shoes
Two cats got into your booze
Two cats think your stupid joke is funny
Two cats fart after tasting honey
Buht, buht
Buht, buht
Two cats slide through a box
Two cats chase the fox
Two cats love, love, love fish
Two cats, they share a splish!
Two cats nap on your head
Two cats, they pretend that you're dead
Two cats are better than one
Two cats are so much fun

Dead Bird

Oh, bird.
You once took flight,
high up in the air,
morning, noon, and night.
You loved what you did,
though perhaps a little too much.
Now you're feeling
a bit out of touch.

As they saying goes:
Pimpin' aint eazy.
But just keep swimming,
just keep swimming,
and life was but a dream. 
Naw mean, bra?
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