Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Rain or rats with sharp nails scurrying across the floor?

Our apartment is shaped funny--like an octagon or something similar. I've yet to really think about how many sides it has, but it is more than four. Our apartment spans two of the sides of the apartment. Though we face south west, there is a south east view too if you're ambitious. So the rain doesn't just fall against the window as it should. When the wind blows, you can hear that it is raining. However, it does sound like rats are scurrying along the wall under the window. At least two through four little rats that can't decide what to do with themselves.

This morning was horrible. The asshole(s) next door were listening to Howard Stern or some morning talk show at 6:45, if not earlier. I plan to wake up 7. Not a big deal, so what if I had to wake up a bit early right? No way. These same assholes (there was definitely two) were playing their crappy bass based music until 1:40am on Friday night. I was sick Friday night, and I pay a lot of fucking money to live in this place. The indecency of these people. Fucking turds. I want to throw something hard at them, but the wall blocks my efforts. One more time I say, but still, that's what I've been saying since the beginning of college. Perhaps if I weren't so prone to seethe with hate and act passively and forgive immediately, then I wouldn't be so angry about annoyingly inconsiderate and noisy neighbors. Perhaps if I learned how to stand up for myself before feeling dizzy with adrenaline, I'd get things done. Fucking asshole neighbors. I hope something bad happens to them. Like they gain supersonic hearing and the little sounds make them sick.

What's strange is that while I can hear through walls fine, I can hardly hear the person on the other side of the cellphone.

Well, anyway, because of the asshole neighbor(s) I had to take the public transportations to work. I took the shuttle back though and walked from Grand Central. I also excercised today. I'm feeling really fat. Like permanently really fat. Now I understand how my fat sims feel and how hard it's going to be to actually look decent again.

Today I ate lots of craisins, I had a sushi lunch special--two rolls, one spicy yellowtail and one spicy tuna--that came with miso soup and a salad. $8, which wasn't bad at all. It had nice flavors and textures too, and the people were really nice. It's at this place called Maru (I think) in Hoboken. It's right on Washington. And for dessert, I had craisins with plain yogurt and Uncle Milton's cranberry preserves. Why do I still feel so fat?

I've not finished On The History Of Love like I hoped. I'm a bit more than halfway through though.
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