Monday, January 25, 2010

American Stories

I forgot how cool the Met Museum is. My favorite story of admittance is when Jon took his Por Por, and she called him clever for paying a nickel for both of them.

This weekend was the last for the exhibition called American Stories. It was really good. American artists were nearly as talented as their European counterparts who were more famous by a long shot. Still, it was nice to see recognizable things--like women drying their hair on west 4th and 6th ave.

My favorite was seeing Mary Cassatt's Little Girl in Blue Armchair:

Jon's favorite was this painting because the woman looks like one of those exotic pigeons:

This painting was by an American woman--it was really refreshing after seeing so many freakin men's paintings. Plus, I thought the only notable woman artist of the period was Mary Cassatt--good to know that there's at least one other one.

I love the baby in this painting. So round and cute. It looks like the one that Jon made friends with outside Cafe Luxembourg.

We also looked at their other collections--including the modern art. Fortunately, it was not me who fell into the Picasso.

My coworker mentioned this to me, and he also pointed out that the figure in the painting is appropriately unamused by where the woman might have broken the canvas.

Art--it's so freakin great to be back in NYC! Though ironically, the Cassatt that I like is actually from the National Gallery in DC.
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