Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Weird Trip

So this new book I'm working on involves animals. They're cute animals because they're small and mostly cuddly looking, but the art as it is right now is bizarre:

1. There's a smiling squid whose face is upside down. Squids can't smile, and he really should be right side up no matter how happy he is.

2. They're eating a holiday dinner, including grilled chicken. Maybe it's tofurkey, but seriously, they shouldn't be eating anything that looks like one of their own.

3. In one spread, the small animals are visiting a larger animal, but yet the small animals are nearly as large as the large animals. Imagine, say, a mouse visiting a bear and its cub, but the mouse is almost as big as the cub.

Strange, but true.

*All illustrations on this page are my own. (C) solazzo
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