Thursday, August 19, 2010

90 Years!

Jon's grandpa turned 90 two weeks ago on August 5th. On August 15th we celebrated his ninetieth birthday.

Jon bought him a cognac from 1929 to drink every year on his birthday. (Jon's holding onto it for him so he doesn't drink the whole thing before next year.) He bought a glass for his grandpa to drink from too. His grandpa had a lot of wine already. He thought the glass was his present and admired it very kindly.

But, no! It wasn't just a cup you get, Grandpa!

Check this out. A bottle of cognac from at least 1929. Almost as old as you are!

The bottle has a wax seal that took some prying with the lobster fork.

Toast time!

It was a very nice event. And I survived the entire evening without feeling sick!
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