Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Big Bambú: You Can't, You Don't, and You Won't Stop

The Big Bambú exhibit was really amazing. I've never been to the Met's roof before, but aside from being on the roof for the first time, the whole experience of the exhibit was freakin awesome.

Never mind that their piece's subtitle sounds a lot like the Beastie Boys, which is quite neat, the artwork is big and impressive. And you can climb up it (on a guided tour).

And you can touch and hide behind it.

And you can pretend that you're a panda.

And you can view it while seated.

And you can buy expensive food and drinks (including champagne) and walk around it. (The $3 chocolate chip cookie was such a good snack.)

And you can see a really weird apartment on top of an apartment where Batman might live when he's in the city for business. (Taller building on the left.)

And Doug and Mike Starn are from New Jersey. And New Jersey rocks!

And if you're walking through the park to see if the SummerStage line isn't too long for Public Enemy (especially for Flava Flav) on your way back from lunch, you just might see Yoko Ono canoodling with her beau.

(It's really her in the hat wearing all black, and while I'm not above taking celebrities' photos with my phone, I won't run ahead of her just to try to get a photo of her face. That's just creepy.)
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