Monday, August 16, 2010

Mitsuwa Summer Festival

Taiko Masara!

Mitsuwa was jam-packed--of course. Joy, Wee, and Chris joined us for ramen and the festivities. We then went to Marshall's Shoe Mega Shop where I got boots for fall/winter, Joy got a pair of sandals that we thought might go well with her bridesmaid dress and peer pressured her into buying, and Wee got two pairs of flats--one of them Stuart Weitzmans. (Joy's shoes unfortunately didn't go well with the bridesmaid dress, so she returned them.) We then went to Pathmark to try to get a Wattamelon Roll. Pathmark, being Pathmark, didn't have it. Chris got some watermelon and blueberry/raspberry Italian ices instead. Before heading back to the apartment to talk about blobfish and sunfish and watch a TED lecture on sunfish, we stopped by Target where we got sriracha peas, free eggs (I had a coupon!), and looked at travel games for our long haul to Hawaii in October.

Saturday was such a beautiful day weather-wise. Breezy, not humid, warm but not hot superhot in the sun. Really, really nice.
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