Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Is in Two Days?!

A few weeks ago Jon and I went to see some Christmas-y stuff around NYC. Since I work in the middle of NYC Christmas-central, we went to see The Tree.

Jon saw this tree and liked it better.

Then we went to Bryant Park Christmas Shoppes and touched stuff at the Kate Spade pop-up store and got grits from one of the shops. Grits are good.

There was a tree there too, but Jon saw a tree he could call his own--if security weren't looking and we didn't have to lug the tree on the bus.

On our way down 41st to the Port Authority, I spied a little ball in the sky between the buildings. Do you see it? It's on the top of the photo and slightly to the middle right, glowing white.

It's the New Year's ball! But Jon saw a parking sign that he really wanted a picture of--along with the grits in his hand.

Oh, well. There's always 2011 holiday season for Jon to appreciate the blinking lights, flashing New Year's ball, and decorated trees.
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