Wednesday, December 29, 2010

XMAS Postcards

Last year I illustrated about a hundred postcards: snowpeople and wreaths and I tried a few other things too with watercolors . After painting the scenes, I wrote out the cards, and then I addressed them all--by hand. It was painful but satisfying. It was kind of like penance for not doing our thank-you cards for our wedding sooner. It felt like a married people thing to do, so I did it.

(last year)

This year, I thought that it'd be cool to use recycled materials for the cards.

  1. I bought 8x11 card stock and hand cut them into quarters. My mom got me a paper-cutter tool, but it wasn't meant for cardboard-like paper. I used it for tracing straight lines to then cut with a scissor.
  2. Then I cut out some holiday things that I found kind of cool, like the illustrations from the TraderJoe's holiday circular and a pamphlet that had a penguin selling cell phones at the Mitsuwa cell-phone store. For everything else, I recycled the paper bags that I got from Paper Source when I bought my wedding stationery by cutting out shapes and hoping for the best.
  3. I plotted out the scenes and glued all of the pieces down.
  4. I used stamps that I got from Staples to stamp most of the text. This took a few rounds of stamping: our address (should anyone need it), the message, and the web address with the card music video. It was somewhat painful, but easier than handwriting everything this year.
  5. The things I handwrote were names, addresses, and, for some, personal messages.
  6. Then I applied the stamps and hoped for the best. Hopefully, the mailman can pick it up from our apartment's box today to finally deliver these babies. (Oh, crap, the Canadians don't have enough stamps on them....Bummer.)
  7. Jon made the website in Lightroom and posted it on YouTube for mass distribution:

(this year)

Was it worth it? Well, maybe. I think I'm going to send out fewer and make those extra special next year.
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