Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Snowasaurusizzard 2010

Just a week ago I posted a picture from a storm earlier this year to celebrate the beginning of winter. Jon thought it was from that day for some reason, but that day was kind of humid and warm. A week later, now we have one to two feet of snowfall.

It was really sunny on Monday, the day after the storm. I think it melted a lot of the snow, but I was inside the whole day so I don't know.

NJTransit suspended bus service. So if I had to go work on Monday, I couldn't get to work. Jon didn't go to work though he worked from home. I slept until noon.

I'm not sure why the cars in the photos above and below are parked like this. Jon suggested that the car at the bottom got too tired of practicing drifting and just stopped where it was. The car on top looks like it's in one of those car moving games. Get the red car out of the lot by swishing around the other cars.

The sky was more purple than illustrated below, but my cell phone has a tendency to go for the blue tones instead of the red. It was pretty anyway.

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