Friday, October 5, 2012

Life Is Shore Good

This summer has passed by wayyy too quickly.

The water was so warm the weekend this photo was taken.
So warm!
(Dani swam well, Mr. Kero. Really well. Not struggling at all.)

Life is "Shore Good"!
We got doughnuts-ice-cream sundaes.
It's a doughnut and ice cream in a sundae form.

Hetal had very high heels on when she came from her friend's engagement party.
Like ten inches.
(Okay, more like five.)

She borrowed my shorts and flip-flops for a "shore good" life.

Dani told us her small bear/raccoon story,
which was hilarious.

She attacked Hetal with the small bear/raccoon stuffed animals
that night.

Jon's ankle and wrist were swollen from his falls (yeah, two of them that week),
but that got him out of going to the beach.

I love the summer!!!
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