Monday, October 22, 2012

The Lemon Ice King of Corona

Watermelon and Lemon

Once upon a time,
in the magical land of Corona, Queens
there was a king.

After Popo's delicious birthday dinner,
we decided to visit the king
to continue our celebration 
and feast on his lemon ice
(and dozens of other flavors of ice).

Our carriage and driver luckily found a place to stand
while we stepped out to get some.

We were craving blood that night too, I guess.
We were chanting for the driver to perhaps take out
the very slow peasant cleaning out his horse's behind,
because, well, didn't he see us trying to pull into the really tight standing spot behind him?
(The ass.)
Shockingly, Popo also agreed to "Get him!"
And that was hilarious!

Thankfully no blood was shed in front of
He might have had us all beheaded, hung, or worse--
not given us any ice at all!

The other kind of funny Popo-story about this place is:
Out of context, she was saying something about how
Corona Ice is very good, superb, and exquisite.
I was so confused.
This was a woman who never drank and shouldn't ever drink.
And she was drinking a really crappy beer and raving about it?
And then I realized she meant the Italian ice!

It's a good walk away from Popo's house,
but when we were like two- or three-years-old,
apparently my cousin Steven (dude on the right) and I 
used to walk there with my dad.

Anyway, we ended the night with sweet, delicious ice.
I think lemon was the best flavor.
Next time I think I'd get even a smaller size too.
I can't wait until it's warm again for ice!
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