Monday, June 17, 2013

Birthday Drinks at Pincher's

So in Florida there's this thing called happy hour
and you get discounted appetizers
and two for one drinks,
where you get those two drinks
at the same time,
so you'd better drink up that one beer
if you want to drink that second one while it's still cold.

I didn't drink.
I know, I know, it's my birthday!
It's my thirtieth birthday!
But someone had to be the designated driver.
And I don't really like drinking much anyway.

Jon got some margaritas.

My cousin Steven got a bucket of fun (or 32 oz of love).
It was orange creamsicle flavored with marshmallow vodka.
He loved it.

My cousin Sam got some beers.

The twins also got beers.

The minivan we rented for the six of us
was actually quite big.
We called her the gray whale.
With two clicks of a button on the remote,
both side doors opened or closed and as well as the trunk
(depending on which button you pushed).
It was so freakin cool.

But really, it was like driving a bus.
We passed by smaller and shorter SUVs and laughed at
their inferiority and puniness.
With the environmental/gas-saving thing on,
we save half a tank of gas,
which sucked for us since we prepaid.

Anyway, after birthday lunch
(which was sponsored by Wee!
Thanks, Wee!),
we went to the outlet mall.

The gray whale smelled like a drunk bus though.
And I was getting quite queasy.
It was a little rough when I had to roll up the windows because
of a downpour that we had to drive through,
but we made it in one piece
and bought out the place!

Steven treated me to not one, but TWO pairs of shoes!
Such a good birthday!
I wish I could have one every day!

(Like two of these bags are actually mine.
But it's a deceptively funny photo, isn't it?)

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