Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I'm in an Acknowledgments! (and Not Just in a List of Names!)

When dropping off an invoice that she signed off on,
my department head mentioned that I was called out in Short Seller.
At first I wasn't really sure what she meant--
was this a book review site and she meant one of my books was called out?
And then I realized she meant that it was a book I was a copy editor for last July or so.

I remember this book pretty well now
because I had to ask Jon a lot of questions about stocks and math.
He helped me put together those Excel charts--or "impressive mathematical charts!"
I also had to ask Dani questions about mono since the main character has mono,
and the doctor in the book seemed to be convinced that she was cured after she had a blood test.
I have no idea how my queries are resolved,
but I hope to find a copy and reread it.
It was good and interesting!

The two star review is by some mean person who has no interest in the topic.
I hope more people read it and enjoy it.

Maybe the image I'm posting is bad, so:

"A big thanks to everyone at Simon & Schuster who worked on this book, especially Christina Solazzo, whose copyedtiing went above and beyond (and involved a number of impressive mathematical charts!)."

So freakin' cool!
That's me!
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