Saturday, June 15, 2013

Prebirthday Flowers!

On my last Friday as a twenty-nine year old,
I received a bouquet of flowers.
I nearly dropped the ball on this one though.
An unrecognizable phone number kept calling my cell phone,
but when it called my work,
I was like WTF? 
Who could this possibly be?
And why don't they just leave a message?
Turns out it was the flower delivery dude.

I had no idea who they were from.
And I thought that perhaps he just go the wrong person.
Jon had tried sending flowers to work
when I interned at the TimeWarner Book Group (now Hachette)
the summer I turned twenty-one.
I think I got them the next day--a little worn for the wear
of being traveled around in the hot June weather.

They were from Dani, Sarm, and Hetal! 
Such awesome, awesome ladies.
Aren't the flowers just gorgeous?
I love the peach.
It's vibrant and happy and summery and fun.

Last year I bought myself two dozen peachy/orange roses.
It was so nice that someone else thought to give me flowers!
I love flowers!

I wish I could've brought them to Florida with me.

When I got them at work, I set them on my desk
and every time I looked up it reminded me of how awesome
my friends are and how turning thirty isn't so bad.
They love me anyway.

I brought them home,
and set them in the corner of the computer screen/our TV.
Happy flowers.
Happy day.

I brought them with me to my aunt's house
and gave them to her since I couldn't bring them to Florida.
It brightened my day,
and rather than wilt and die in my apartment while I was gone,
I hoped to brighten hers.

Birthday flowers!!!
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