Saturday, May 25, 2013

First Summer Friday!

My first summer Friday this year
was so much fun.
I just wish I'd worn a jacket.

It was basically freezing if you wander out without one,
and it rained a ton.

The best part of the day was when we holed up
in the back of a cafe in LIC
that played some great music.

For lunch Pam, Kat, and I went to M.Wells at P.S. 1 MoMA,
and it was quite delicious.
Bryan met up with us shortly after,
and we explored the museum.
One of the rooms was a room of ice.
I believe they were glacier specimens from an old glacier,
but it was too cold to really figure it all out.
Another room had global trashcans.
Some had actual trash (from snarky visitors I suppose.)

The building is much like the grammar school I went to,
though there are two sets of stairs,
and two stairwells in each corner.
It seemed a bit excessive.
The art in the halls was much more enlivening
than my grammar school's halls though.

As part of the rain exihibit at the MoMA in Manhattan,
there's this other exhibit at P.S. 1.
Basically in the atrium part,
they built an indoor pond with koi fish (see above).

And a waterfall.
I am not so much into standing around and reading about the art
as much as I am about seeing and taking in the art.
I've not had a chance to read about it,
but experiencing it was pretty cool.

The cold weather and the rain and the constant waterfall sounds though,
well, good thing there were some bathrooms around.

One other cool thing was the boiler room.
One of the pieces had saliva in it.
You just have to wonder why and where and why.

After lunch, museum viewing, and cafe catching up,
we headed into the city and join Nat and Dani
(Kat went home)
for dinner at Empellon
to celebrate an intimate birthday dinner with Pam.
The food was good, but it was all a bit expensive and loud,
and I wished it were just as cozy and low key as the cafe.
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