Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Prom: What's the Big Deal?

This statue that was outside of Christie's last year
demonstrates how I feel about a lot of things,

I asked Jon to my prom after an evening
of browsing some galleries in Chelsea
in the fall of 2000.
We had sort of started really dating by then,
and I was optimistic it'd last for at least seven more months.

He didn't want me to go to his prom.
It hurt my feelings at the time,
but now I see that it probably was for the best.

The generation of kids in the article are unusual.
I spoke to someone who is about a decade younger than I am,
and she had no clue who She-Ra is.
She-Ra tells you her life story in the introduction--with a cute outfit change:

Now we all know who She-Ra is.

Do these kids' superheroes do everything with a huge song and dance
worthy of the typical tropes of reality TV?

I need to get into the racket of personalizing junk for special occasions.

Specialized prom snacks!
Specialized prom temporary tattoos!
Specialized prom cakes or pies or cookies!
Specialized prom underwear!

WIC might have nothing on the PIC!
::taps fingertips together thoughtfully::
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