Friday, May 10, 2013

Mercedes Club Residents Party

The pool in our health club opened today!
It's not even 70 degrees out!

We went to the free party, which featured
some delicious little bites of lamb
on vegetables and a dab of something delicious.
Um, it was delicious.

And there were three different liquor tastings,
including the lovely gin and tonic drink above.
The gin drink was refreshing, but it wasn't as flavorful as my Hendricks.

The best part was the live music:
these two guys playing and singing Latin music.

And, of course, the snocones by Handsome Dan.
A block of ice turned into magic fluffy snow
covered in sugary raspberry syrup and fresh lemon juice.
I think he kind of looks like Jake Gyllenhaal,
so you might want to check him out
and eat his snocones in real life.


I had another snocone because it was FREE
and so good.
(A pomegranate with condensed milk--
Handsome Dan explained that the pomegranate was a bit tart
so the milk will set it off--so cute, 
I just want to suck on sugary ice!)

Since someone couldn't eat all the delicious snocone stuff or drink
and had allergies, we left after the guys played "La Bamba."

Another reason for leaving was that it was really awkward
watching the swimsuit models freeze.
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