Saturday, May 11, 2013

Dance, Dance!

So we're fortunate enough to have cool things like
this come to our building's gym.
And luckily we didn't have other plans
and the weather was pretty terrible,
so I went to both of these classes.

The class was wonderful!
I forgot how choreography is almost cerebral.
It's memorizing and understanding steps and movements,
then adding more.
I've been taking dance classes for years now,
and I've not had to memorize a routine since high school.
I've always just followed the instructor in the front.
But today I felt my brain working.

John was very nice
and his choreography worked surprisingly well with different genres
of music.
We kept doing the same few steps over and over,
and he built on it.
In total it was about 20 steps 
(8 counts each, so about two minutes worth of music)
and then it looped again.
So much fun!

During the stretch portion of class,
he noted that my pointe
(when you point your toes)
was very good and that I must've danced before.
He said very few people are born with a naturally good pointe.
Ah, all those years of pointing paid off!

A bonus of both of these classes was that
Jessica Williams from The Daily Show was in attendance!
She's quite tall.
I couldn't place where I'd seen her for a short while,
but then after ruling out everyone at work and friends of friends
and moving on to TV and movies,
it just made sense.
She's really pretty and is a good dancer.
It'd be fun to have her in more of my gym classes.

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