Sunday, April 30, 2006

Rachel Ray food

Okay, so I think Rachel Ray should stop taking speed/crack/antidepressants to keep up with the demanding schedule the Food Network demands of her, but when Will & Grace is on what else is there to watch if Bernie Mac is a rerun? Well for someone who only has TBS and FoodNetwork as cable stations, it's 30-Minute Meals with Rachel Ray. Also, since Pam is such a huge fan, I thought I'd try to find what could be appealing about her food at least.

One episode actually made me want to try cooking a dish she made--her Cream of Mushroom Casserole. Of course, this isn't a casserole by any means. It's just egg noodles with the cream of mushroom sauce minus the nutmeg--where the hell is one supposed to get nutmeg? and then do what with it? Still, it was so good. Egg noodles and creamy mushrooms rock!

Maybe, maybe, maybe next time I make it I'll follow the entire recipe.
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