Sunday, April 23, 2006

Super fun at Joy's B-day party! (and a side-trip to White Castle)

Doris has the same picture up on her blog--and it's from her camera, but I thought I'd post it here too--because there can never be enough of this picture on the internet dammit!

Joy's the sexy woman on the far left, Doris is the sexy woman to my left, Jon is the sexy man to my right, and Eva's the sexy woman to my far right. How I ended up in the middle--freak of the nature of things I guess.

Jon and I had a delicious dinner at Starwich while watching the menu of Finding Nemo. I must have been starving though because Jon didn't find the dinner all that amazing--then again, he probably gets take out from there from his office more often that I have ever eaten there. Anyway--it was so good.

Then took the L to Brooklyn, and Brooklyn gave me the same impression of Jersey City--Jon agreed. Really imagined that all of Brooklyn were brownstones and stuff, I mean you hear enough about it when people say that their dream is to move to Brooklyn--that it's hard not to imagine that since the best place in NYC to raise children is in Brooklyn, so it SHOULD look like Sesame Street--there are brownstones on Sesame Street, but not all of Brooklyn. And duh, I've been to Brooklyn before to go to the cemetery, so I've seen the houses and apartments that are Jersey City-ish. I guess going there by car and going there by foot, I thought it'd be different.

And so we got to the party--one of the few parties where the music was quite awesome and there was no beer pong. Strange thing about Jon's beer however was that it kept foaming up when it was being poured. Probably was over shaken in my bag--poor guy wanted to bring his backpack--as if we were still young and that were stylish. It was nice to socialize, and it was nice that it was still cool enough outside where it was a relief to step out for a bit. So after some party-talking (I'm trying to refer to the kind of loud, staccato kind of conversations one has to carry when the music is louder than footsteps of a handful of tens of feet), we decided to make a run for White Castle food. I got a chocolate shake (supposedly a medium, but in the pic you can see it's kind of large), and Jon got us a few cheeseburgers, mozzarella sticks, and fries. We returned to Joy's with her promised cheeseburger.

And it was a nice night, and it was a long way home from Brooklyn--so I ended up finishing the shake--the WHOLE shake. We took a cab home when we popped out of the subway on 8th.

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