Thursday, February 5, 2009


I think the interview went okay. It was a bit strange though. Nothing that I'm used to really--they asked about my hobbies; we talked about Snuggies. Not sure I'll get the position, nor am I sure that I really want it. The commute there was crowded (even at 8:30 to 9:30) and there was a delay on the Metro. We shall see.

I also had lunch with Jennifer at National Geographic. Man, she is awesome! I am totally kicking myself for not taking the ed production job at Simon & Schuster. My ass is black and blue. Things might be going south as far as freelance oppt. there though, which is a pretty big bummer.

Meanwhile, I am reading a book I got out from the library. (Yes, I went!) I forgot how scary/sketchy library books can be though. I think it gave me pink eye. Maybe it's the book or my mascara that's really bugging me right now.

I feel totally blah right now. (The book/pink eye/freezing my ass/probably not being employed at any capacity anytime soon is kind of a depressant.)

By the way, it was like 20 degrees today--and I was walking around in my suit and flats and a wool coat when I should have been wearing my Inauguration Day outfit.
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