Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Well Spun!

Some wedding updates. We booked a videographer!

Top five reason why we hired one:

1. Because every single thread I read about wedding regrets was about not having a record of vows, toasts, dances, etc. besides photos. They basically said: "It was nice to get 5 photos of our first dance from the professional photographer that we hired, but I mean we spent half a grand in dance lessons and skipped cocktail hour to practice!" Err...or, "We let my cousin record, but half way through my maid of honor's speech the battery died," or, "I really wish we had some record of when we said our vows at least."

2. This bring ups my morbid reason for wanting one, which is: If I die before Jon, shouldn't he have something more than our wedding photos to cry over and obsess about? And vice versa. I mean hopefully, at that point, we'll be about 120 years old and still have our vision and some method of watching our high definition digital recordings, from 2009, but in books or movies the widow or widower has some wedding video that plays in the background of their melancholy.

3. I'm told that the day will be over like THAT. Yeah, just like THAT. POW. THAT. I've spent the last few months of my life obsessing over details and such and all I get to experience is the actual day that would be over like THAT? Well, might as well have footage to obsess over and edit.

4. Which brings me to the fact that it might be fun to edit and share with folks who can't make it...or make them watch all 9 hours of fun! Whichever works best.

5. And back again, POW! Like that it's over! It kind of scares the crap out of me that I'll probably be too anxious to remember much. Besides it might be cool to show our kids one day too. I know I love looking at my parents' wedding album, but if they had a video I'd be all over that too. (I think that they even might, but it's on super 8 or something and no one has a projector or the time to convert it to data. Hmm...I have time...)

So last week I emailed a few videographers: Wes Jones, Lillie Studios, Avvento, and Well Spun. All of them got back to me pretty quickly, but Well Spun was the only one to offer a package of raw data in HD quality, so we went with them. (I know the super 8 stuff is cool right? Unfortunately, we feel that in 50 years HD will look like that and super 8 will look like what watching a Nickelodeon at a museum will be like--besides with video software you can make HD look like super 8.)

I was in a bit of a tizzy for a couple of hours because when I called Wellspun about my date, Brianna, the woman helping me, said that two of the three videographers they have on staff for the NYC area were booked and the third one might be booked. She called the bride who didn't put down a deposit yet and found that the bride decided to go with someone else. Yay!

Really. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This morning I had to write my rejection letters to the other studios. It felt much like writing rejection notices to authors. I also imagined this is what it feels like when people notify me of not getting the position I applied for.

The people I contacted were all very gracious in their replies. In fact, Luke from Lillie Studios offered a discount to anyone I recommended because of my honesty of why we ended up not using them. Score!

In any case, while our video will look closer to this (but more HD and yes that is Mrs. Candy Corn from than the videos on the Well Spun website, hopefully I can get my hands on some video software and figure out some cool editing tricks.
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