Monday, December 21, 2009

I Work in a Button Factory

Did your music teacher ever make you sing the Joe/Button Factory song? This NYTimes article by Mindy Kaling kind of reminds me of it.

I know what she means though when people think you're grown up--a designer thought I might be old enough to have children. It was odd at first, but I guess I do dress pretty homely/practical compared to my single counterparts in publishing. Sometimes I have cute outfits, but mostly I dress in something comfortable and warm, and that's mostly JCrew instead of H&M. And I wear comfortable ballet flats or flat boots instead of booties and heels.

I get more that people think I'm still in college though and that is fine too. The woman at Trader Joe's commented on my mom's Santa pin, which I bought for her from a junk sale at school in 1st grade. The woman asked if I was grown-up and apologized for not being able to tell. I think it's difficult to tell with Asians especially though. People think my mom is my sister or that my aunt is my sister, and that's fine with me--just as long as they don't think I'm their mom or aunt.

Who really wants to be grown up though?

Jon was saying that he was looking forward to our 10th anniversary of knowing each other--10 years! That's a long time. But then again, I've known friends for even longer--and that's pretty mind-blowing to think how old we all are getting...and how many of us are reproducing...but still how young we are, which is nice too.
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