Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Stinky Cheese Man Made My Boss Fart

Jon Scieszka made my boss laugh so hard that she farted.


I was sitting next to her.

It was awkward because she acknowledged it...and that it was her...by saying, "Excuse me."


Jon was a pretty hilarious guy--if not a little surprisingly crude. He said that his mom still feels compelled to give him and his five brothers Christmas gifts--so she makes "shitty" things and sends them out. Potty mouth, eh?

He likes to find the irony in things, like:

"Milking his ambassadorship" by having children bow hello and bye to him. Mind you, in one instance, he was in a Catholic Church. So he's at the altar, Jesus hanging from a cross behind him, kids in uniform (one in a wheelchair), bowing repeatedly toward him. Err...there's video of this, but I think he's the only one who owns it. He went a little too far when he joked about healing the kid in the wheelchair, I think,...though it would have been nice if it were true.

Having the head of the Library of Congress do a robot dance...and other members of the elite literary world...

He had some fun stories about meeting the Bush family as well.

Still, I don't think I can ever forget that today is the day when Rosa Parks was too tired to get up for a white guy (who probably sat on his ass all day at work anyway) and the day my boss farted.
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