Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sushi Lunch

So I went back to the sushi place--Taki. It's not the best, but for two rolls, soup, and salad, it's not terrible either. (I'm looking at you Yummy Sushi--aka Yucky Sushi, and expensive too!)

I placed my order online and should have received a discount, but I was overly anxious and got to the place 30 secs after my order was printed. So they charged me the going rate--without the online discount. And that's fine because I didn't tip them. Which turned out to be even better that I didn't because the bag that they gave me had 3 sodas that the woman next to me ordered.

Good thing this place was across the street.

And the sushi wasn't half bad today either...with soy sauce that is.
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