Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sippeh! Frosty Summery Drinks

Strawberry lemonade from Bouchon

Wednesday's high was 98°F at 12:05 p.m. when conditions were sunny.
I was freezing in my office,
so I went to Bouchon for lunch
for a cup of carrot soup (their soup de jour).

I have a weak spot for lemonade, iced tea, and summery drinks.
So despite my hacking cough,
I also got a strawberry lemonade.

Usually strawberry lemonades
are lemonades with some strawberries for pink coloring.
Maybe I've always just had bad strawberry lemonades.
The Bouchon one was phenomenal:
it tasted like strawberries.
LOTS of strawberries.
So MANY that you could even water it down
and it'd probably still taste amazing.
And then a hint of lemonade at the very end.

There's usually little to recommend going to Bouchon for lunch
especially because the prices are so steep compared to their competitors.
But the strawberry lemonade . . .
now that's what I'm looking forward to
for the rest of summer.

Cool lime refresher from Starbucks

This drink was free this past Friday, July 13th.
And I had a small sample
(with the cutest little straw)
of the berry one
on my way to work the day before.

Both drinks were refreshing,
but there was a weird green tea candy/gum flavor 
as the aftertaste--
the green coffee extract.
It's not too gross,
but it doesn't really draw me back
to actually pay for one of these.
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