Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th: Watching the New York Philharmonic at Central Park's Great Lawn

View from the very south of the Great Lawn
Jon and I walked up 
from 53rd Street to 84th Street
to get sushi
before heading to the concert.

It was as hot as a balls.

Jon and his cell phone
We ate our sushi
while listening to the NY Philharmonic.
We sat while it drizzled.
The humidity broke slightly.
Around 9 p.m. there was an intermission.
Masses left.

At about 84th Street
when we entered the Great Lawn we're about
parallel to the bandstand.
I wanted to get a good seat for the fireworks,
lots of open sky,
so we walked down to the edge of the Great Lawn,
at about 75th Street.

I have no idea who goes
to a classical concert to look at the musicians,
but we heard well enough from the back.

My motive for going
And luckily, that was THE BEST spot
to see the fireworks.

Fireworks are hard to take photos of
with a cell phone
The fireworks started at ten and lasted for thirteen minutes.
They were huge and pretty.
One had a star inside a circle.

There's another concert on Monday.
Hopefully, it won't be rained out!
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