Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 4th Macy*s Fireworks from the Random House Building

At around one,
Jon and I took a walk around the block
and to the river
to scout what it'll potentially be like that evening.
It was hot and humid and completely unpleasant.
Jon asked two NYPD what they're instructed
to shut down later
and what time the area would start to be difficult to get to.
They were useless.
The one guy said that there should be tons of information online.
I did the research,
there's nothing truly informative about
going to the river to experience the fireworks.

Here's our experience:
At around 8:20, an hour before the fireworks began,
we walked outside and around the corner to Eleventh Avenue
and saw that there was a huge line to get to Twelfth Avenue that
barely seemed to be moving.
And it was still sweaty balls hot.

Aditya volunteered the view from his office
in the Random House building,
which had air conditioning and comfortable conference room chairs
and beverages and snacks.
So after a unanimous vote,
we strode upstream like salmon,
northeast and up twenty-four stories.

The office:
It smelled still so new!
It was air conditioned!
We had chairs!

Most importantly:
we had a great view!
My camera phone obviously can't take photos in the dark,
but our view was pretty awesome.

we weren't blinded and choked by the smoke
or deafened by the sound
or dehydrated and gross from the heat and crowds
had we stayed on Eleventh Avenue.
I had my Pandora "Wannabe" by the Spice Girls station on,
and we listened to some N*Sync, Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, etc.
while watching the fireworks on the river.

And not just the Macy*s fireworks,
but the fireworks on the palisades across New Jersey too.

And then we came back to our apartment 
to eat some Pie Face!
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