Friday, November 23, 2012

Macy*s Thanksgiving Day Balloons

The crowds were insane!
It was like standing in the front row at a sold out concert
with small, crushable children and strollers.
It was like standing in line for 30 minutes just to cross the street
and then realizing that it was a line to exit the balloon craziness
and feeling kind of sad and frustrated about the whole thing.

Luckily, I ended up on the right side 
of the street (the museum side) when I exited the subway.
I took the B to 81st and CPW,
and instead of exiting right up the stairs, I took the stairs on the left
since that was where the crowd was moving the fastest.

As soon as I exited I saw Papa Smurf and a whole street of balloons
most with their faces in the junk of the other balloons.
It was a spectacle that I don't think I need to do again--
just because the people who were there were ridiculous.
(You know the idiots who go see the tree lighting in Rock Center?
Those people were here too.)

I thought the balloons were blown up in the park and were easily viewable
without huge crowds except ones around the really popular balloons.
I was incredibly wrong.

What made it especially horrible was that 
the police were trying to do crowd control
on Columbus, 
while still allowing traffic come down Columbus.
That was a terrible idea.

(Just like it was the worst idea in history
to close down Sixth Avenue until 2 p.m. on Thanksgiving.
The parade ended at noon.

The worst part about the evening 
was that I was supposed to meet up with 
Dani and Veronika, 
but we couldn't even get on the same block.

I walked home since it was a nice evening.
But I was steaming with unthankfulness for the tourists and
people who thought bringing their sleeping children or
small children who could be easily crushed
was a GREAT idea.
Also really unthankful for the idiots driving around the city
not yielding to pedestrians.

Crowds make me incredibly grumpy.
If I do go another year,
it'll be really early to maybe avoid them.
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