Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012: The Juicy Turkey

My aunt Florence (Ayee) successfully replicated
her giant juicy turkey for Thanksgiving this year.

I'll reveal how big the turkey was at the end of this post,
but try to guess.

There were twelve of us:
four Hues and Chris
five Solazzos and Jon
and PoPo.

My cousin Samantha is giving us some perspective
by showing how big the turkey is compared to her mouth.
Good job, Sam!

I'm guessing you think that it looks a little burnt.
That just adds flavor, baby.

She's Alton's #1 fan.

We used some of the extra leftover vegetable stock that she had 
made for the brine
for a Parmesan soup for a light dinner on Friday.

Turkey leg.
None of us ate it or took it home.
We left it for PoPo
to eventually make a delicious Chinese soup out of it.

Warm, juicy turkey.
You have no idea how good this is.
It's like what every turkey should taste like.
Sweet and intensely turkeyish and a little salty.

What's interesting is that last year my aunt
was a little worried about the kitchen not smelling
like delicious turkey.
You know why?
Because all the juices stayed inside the turkey
for flavor.
Damn good flavor too.

(Auntie Anne's burns a vanilla candle 
to whet your appetite.)

Cutting up the breast,
cutting up the breast,
cutting up the breast.

Mmm, mmm good.
Mmm, mmm good.

That reminds me of the 
Giblets (c) 2012 Christina and Lisa Solazzo 
song and dance
we made up.

Man, Thanksgiving was fun!

26.82 pounds!

It was a giant bird that didn't die in vain for this holiday.
Thank you for your life, Mr. Turkey.
Thanks for the great turkey, Ayee!
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