Thursday, November 13, 2008

One More Day

One more day until I'm totally unemployed by "the Man."

I think I'm cool. I think that things could have worked out better, but they didn't.

I technically still have to write a little less than half of the outlines I said I would by tomorrow, but I haven't. Things have been rough since "the News" in the office. I couldn't really think until today without my head spinning. Now, my head is clear, and I can do my work, but there's no time to do any work.

I was even really good today. I did not read any wedding blogs all day. Tonight, there are 41 of them to read. 41!

By the way, I also bought a $2500 wedding dress on Tuesday. I thought it might make me feel better, but, though I feel relieved that I have a dress at all at this point, I feel kind of cloudy still.

Stimulate the economy my ass anyway.
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