Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wedding Dresses

Back up dress--Lucinda from JCrew:


Appointments--Kleinfeld's and Pronovias--check...I know, it's just two really, but I will get to that in a moment.

Photos to show appointment places--check.
This morning I did my more serious wedding dress research.

I got an email from Carine's Bridal about a Reem Acra trunk sale this weekend and thought about whether I wanted a Reem Acra dress if I made an effort to make the appointment and show up. (In the effort of providing the hyperlink for Carine's, I came across Rosa Clara, which looks like Pronovias, but cleaner and even more architecturally interesting. I'm compelled to make an appointment if all else fails. Also I told them that their Rosa Clara link was busted--it lead to some weirdo's blog.)

From there, I ended up at and watched their 2009 video clips from Vera Wang and the gang. Why are Vera Wang dresses just not pretty anymore?

Then I ended up trying to price out Claire Pettibone, and somehow ended up at Kleinfeld's website. It was there that I realized that I needed to pull up 5 dresses that I wanted to show the Kleinfeld's salesperson in a few weeks.

Selecting 5 dresses was a bit difficult at first because I kept hitting the "Next" button instead of the "Search" button so all of my initial selections kept being wiped out. I came up with four with a search for A-line/Ballgown/Sheath, Strapless, and Natural Waist, but I needed 5. So I selected everything but Mermaid and $$$. I saved about a dozen dresses to choose from, and the top 5 included an Amsale, Monique, Claire, Melissa, and some other person that I forget but was $, which meant that it was more affordable than the first three I named. There was a Reem Acra, which seemed nice for $ too, but I couldn't bring myself to deselect another one to replace it. I'll just print out all 6 of them and see what happens. They're for ideas anyway right? Though it would be freakin cool to try all 6 of those on.

Anyway, after swallowing the possibility that my top limit might have to expand to be able to afford any of those, I went to Pronovias to update my Favorites there too. In that adventure, I found what I think is "the dress"--her name is Carpa and she's from their 2008 collection.

I'm a sucker for lace. Crap, I hope they have a sample/still can make it. And yes, it kind of sucks that it does look like it's pronounced "Crapa" if you read it quickly, but I LOVE the silhouette (I don't think it will swallow me whole like ballgowns) and the lace--it's all over!

Then I did a reality check on the price ranges and experience, and though I couldn't find the dresses I loved specifically, I did see that it was in range, which was a relief!

Anyway, the one good thing about watching the Vera Wang show was this Cole Porter song sung by Sinead O'Connor: You Do Something To Me.
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