Thursday, November 20, 2008

An Ordinary Thursday

Today I played a few hours of Cake Mania 3 until my laptop seemed like it was about to drop dead from all of the action on screen.

I read some more about Pronovias and tried finding more information about my Carpa dress. I'm having some second thoughts about it. Is the train too short? Bah, I'll just get a crazy long veil. I always wanted a simple dress with an elaborate veil, here's my only opportunity. I can't wait to get a dress picked out. I feel like once I order my dress other things can finally fall into place.

I also worked on some outlines I said I'd finish up. I am almost done with the crummy Peloponnesian War. Woohoo!

Also we started our first round of Elfster--gotta hook up my family soon. The parents come home tomorrow from Venice so I'll bug them about it then. I wonder if my dad used his portable rain boot things.

I owe phone calls and emails.

Tonight is a Thanksgiving party on our roof. The menu looks good. Hopefully, we can avoid having to talk to people and such.

Tomorrow is our first meet up at Gerry's. Hope all goes well.

Hope hope hope.
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