Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wedding Advice V

Good Questions from a Bride

Did you go to Kleinfeld? Their website said most of their dresses are around $3500 plus. Just wondering if they are really that expensive, and if you went, did you have a good experience there.

I got the New York Mag Weddings issue and saw an Angel Sanchez dress - gorgeous. It's spring/summer 2010. But there was also an article there interviewing him and he said his ready-to-wear dresses start at $6000!

It's reasonable to find a designer dress around $2000-4000--almost every designer has a dress in that range. You may want to try to see if there'll be any trunk sales in the area: http://www.angelsanchezusa.com/events.php I don't think it lists 2010 yet though. I got my Amsale dress from Kleinfeld during their trunk show and saved $500, which was helpful.

Thanks for the website tips! I've asked a few ppl this question, but no one has answered me yet: How many reception venues did you visit before choosing one? Also, how did you handle the coordination of the availability of the church and the reception venue? Or did you do it so far in advance it didn't matter?

We visited 10--we knew we wanted a Chinese banquet (you pay by tables and not by person)--so we visited 4 places in Queens, 3 places in Chinatown, and 3 places in Midtown. The place with the cleanest bathrooms, most space, and free parking got our vote. And their dim sum was pretty good too.

Also, we picked our date over a year in advance, so we didn't have to worry about not getting the vendors that we wanted, thankfully.
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