Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Mantao dinner was very satisfying.

According to GoogleMaps it would have taken 17 minutes to walk to from work, but I had no desire to walk in the cold rain for that long. So $2 to the subway gods and a wrong turn later, I found the glorious restaurant row of 53rd between 3rd and 2nd. There were restaurants up and down the block, up and down the buildings. I wanted to eat at all of them. But instead I stuck with the plan, and I found Mantao a little bit down the block and entered.

There was a couple eating at the window and a couple waiting for their food. As I gathered my order and Groupon print-out, a delivery guy dropped off something green. I don't remember what he said it was, but I remember thinking Mmm...leafy. I ordered and paid the difference that the Groupon didn't cover and waited. A few minutes later, I was back on the street, salivating because all of the restaurants on the block looked delicious.

I made my way to the E train to get to the Port Authority--another $2--and took the bus home. Since the Groupon was $15 worth of food for $7, the $4 I spent on public transportation to get there was worth the expense.

Jon got home shortly after, and we each ate about half of the spicy pork bun, chicken bun, angus beef burger with spicy sambal sauce, and curry chicken Mantao pancake roll. All were delicious. I'd get the curry chicken pancake and beef burger again.

We have four more Groupons to use, so we'll definitely be back, but even without the coupons, I think we'd definitely visit again. There's still a lot to explore on the menu, so it's kind of exciting.

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