Tuesday, March 30, 2010

CIA and Other Sites

The cooking one...

On our way down from Killington, we stopped to visit Jon's brother at Marist, which is just down the block from the CIA. Jon's never been there before, but since I have selectively excellent memory, I gave him a quick tour based on my only other time there when I went to celebrate the publication of ProChef 8 and discuss upcoming plans. I also met Chef Migoya and got some treats and lunch from the Apple Pie Bakery Café back then. The cafe is unfortunately closed during the weekend.

Other sites that we passed from Killington to Marist include: lots and lots of farms (like tons); Benedict Arnold's home; the first Santa Claus Club; the first New York public school; some chickens and horses; a drive-in movie theater that's right across the street from the Roosevelt estate/library, which is down the block from the Vanderbilt estate. (I got my first allergies from breathing in the fresh air of the Hudson Valley at the Vanderbilt estate back when I was visiting for a high school senior history honors trip. All that fresh air up there was not good for me.)

We met up with Jeremy, ate some sushi and other Japanese food from a place called Edo Sushi (the Edo-roll is surprisingly big and filling), and made our way home.

We were sore for about half of this week from skiing/snowboarding at Killington--it's nice to have immediate function in my back and legs now though.
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