Saturday, March 20, 2010

Good Question

My brother asked a good question about my posts today:

Dominic Solazzo - where is all this good food?6:20 pm

Mis amigos: Despana

We got cheese and ham from here too to eat for dinner--they have a nice spread of samples to try: chorizos, cheeses, olives, olive oil, jams. Everyone is really nice and helpful too.

We then walked up to Astor Wine and got what I like to call "one of each" (cause really why narrow down something that you're going to eventually buy anyway?): Kahlua, Priorat, 12-year-old Highland Park whiskey, pisco, Austrian Riesling (half bottle), Almansa, and a Cava.

Jon just made a really good cocktail with the pisco--a pisco sour with pisco, fresh limes, and bitters (and secret stuff).

We were supposed to watch the sunset from our porch in our new kick-ass rocking chairs, but instead we're sharing this cocktail watching me type least there's tomorrow.

Dom, we hope you get to Despana and have a nice lunch there soon!
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