Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 54

I raced home after work to enjoy the sun for a few minutes before it got cold and dark and awful.

I don't have any windows in my office, so it's hard to tell what's happening outside. (Like that time that guy was going to jump from 30 Rock.) Windows are distracting though. When I had them, they made me feel like a fish in a bowl or imagine that others in offices across the street were each themselves fish in a tank. I wasn't very productive.

I was also falling asleep at my desk. I think I have daily experiences of slight hypothermia due to being stationery most of the day. My office is really cold. I wear so many layers of shirts and cardigans and shawls and scarves that I might be mistaken for a bag lady and chased out of the building without my ID.

When I stepped outside the building today, I was warm and awake and felt alive again. Like a freed fish cleared of that white goop. Free!

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