Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 55

We picked up six boxes of stuff today. Our concierge guy (the one that I don't particularly like) said that we had a lot of boxes. (He is SO the type that would say that and make you feel bad about not picking them up sooner. Jon thinks I'm giving him shit and that he was nice today. Maybe.)

In our boxes were:

1 blanket (it may even be a FREE! blanket because someone didn't register that I already received the blanket I had paid for)

1 huge thing of huge paper towels
5 pine hand soaps
1 spicy pear hand soap

1 Gore-Tex waterproof sneakers

1 1Q84 (properly shipped so the jacket isn't all crunched up like our original preordered copy that I had to pick up from our old apartment in Edgewater, NJ)

1 Lego alien attack set (for Jon's cousin's birthday party this Saturday)

1 set of 3 boxes of super-duper earpugs
1 set of 2 big bottles of shampoo

Duck. Quack!
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