Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day at the American Natural History Museum

The Google Offer for the American Natural History Museum was pretty awesome: $5 for a $25 value, which included admission to the museum plus one special exhibit/IMAX film/Space Show. The only bad part about it was that it was going to expire on Halloween, so Jon and I went on Sunday.

To gear up, we went to Landmarc for an onion soup lunch and had roasted potatoes, a bloody Mary, and a ginger ale. Their onion soup hit the spot--I don't think I ever really need to make my own, though it would certainly be cheaper to do so.

Hmm . . . anyway, stuffed, we walked up Broadway and Columbus to the museum and entered at the planetarium side. (It was around 3:30 p.m., and there was barely a line.) This was the first time either Jon or I had been to the museum since grammar school, so it was exciting for us to be going together.

We saw the Hayden Planetarium Space Show, which was awesome, though Whoopi Goldberg's voice kind of ruined it. Also the seats needed to recline more. I think it reclines as much as an economy airplane seat. The top portion of the globe structure is where you view the Space Show; below the equator of the globe, there's a room with a free show about the CMB/formation of our universe and you stand around looking down into the center of the room to view it.

Unfortunately, the whole museum was a bit run-down looking. There was Earth dust on the three meter meteorite--someone should really clean these things.

I saw a kid doing this in the oyster's shell, and it looked cool. The museum is superdark, so it's hard taking a decent pic with a camera phone or anything without a flash. Still this is one way to keep things from gathering dust: allow us to touch it!

The elephants in the halls of Asian mammals and African mammals were too dark to take a picture of, and forget about trying to take a photo of the whale. The whale was big, but I feel like a lot of the animals they have are smaller in scale to real ones. Like instead of average-size animals, they choose to represent the below average-size animals.

This guy though, he was pretty big. Like SmartCar big.

Dinosaur face.

Dinosaur face. Or rather the face you get when you're told you can't make the same face as a T-Rex.

Rarrrrrrrr! Dinosaurs!!!!!
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