Sunday, June 11, 2006

This is the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. Jon and I decided to not make the trek down to the beach and instead to walk around New York instead. The night before he also surprised me by taking me to Mas (right next to Blue Ribbon Bakery in the West Village). Mas was good--we got a bunch of appetizers, but the reservation was late, so it was hard to enjoy dessert though the dessert was good. Also, I saw Claire from Objet there. So, very strange especially because I thought after whatever she was still doing at Rutgers, she was going back to Arizona. It was like seeing a ghost. She looked older, but happier than she was at Rutgers. Her friends were loud when they laughed, but they seemed to try to be friendly toward her. It's nice to see that maybe outside of Objet and Rutgers she's actually normal and not as pretentious and scary and drained and intense as I remembered. Anyway, this picture is point A and Z of the urban hike Jon and I were making--our building.
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