Sunday, June 11, 2006

On Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, we go to see X-Men 3 with Pam and Cui. Pam and I went into the theater to get seats early while Jon figured out what to eat and waited for Cui to arrive to give her her ticket. Pam and I got to see the She-Ra movie, when He-Man and She-Ra first meet and realize that they're brother and sister. It was so weird. X-Men 3 was not as great as the first one or second. There were just way too many strange things that happened that made no sense. Anyway, we went to Mitsuwa for lunch--Pam and I got curry udon, Jon got soba, and Cui got sushi. We also all got some goodies from the market to take home--just wait there's a picture of all the crap Jon bought. Anyway, we walked over to the mini-golf place next to the Mitsuwa and driving range and played the 18 holes. The mini-golf place is an eyesore during the day or maybe it wasn't as run down as when we went during high school. Cui's up first.
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