Sunday, June 11, 2006

After Chikalicious, we went to some kitchen supply place that was moving and having a ridiculous sale--so ridiculous that the line wrapped around inside the store and went up the sidewalk outside the store. We also went to Sur La Table, which was a much friendlier place to be. When we go to Momofuku finally, it was jammed packed, and people were waiting outside too. The food was so delicious and comforting. I wish we lived closer...we got a cold ramen, though it was basically the momofuku ramen with cooled noodles, the warm broth on the side. They're using peas too, which is pretty awesome--because unless I'm forgetting, they used to use the pink stuff. We also got miso buttered asparagus, the pork buns, and roasted vegetables like zucchini, but it was really good with a kind of vinegary soy sauce. We walked back, and checked out the Morgan Library from the outside too. Very beautiful building. It was such a good day!
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