Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 6

We don't have internet yet, so when I'm home I have to use my cell phone for most things, like Pandora for music and Twitter for news. Anything else is just painfully slow to do, so I read e-mails but don't respond. And I see tweets with slideshows but don't click through, so I retweet it, mostly for myself. (Those children's clothes for petite women slideshow was weak. J.Crew Cuts definitely aren't more affordable than their adult clothes.) Anyway, we may have internet on Monday, which will be so nice!

Tonight was M. Wells dinner with the husband on Long Island City. (Queens!) Most delicious rib eye! We got a compliment on how good our steak looked. Why thank you, stranger. The steak was rare and tasty and came with a bunch of chanterelles. (We've leftovers to eat with our hands, as meat and mushrooms were meant to be eaten!) Ate raw steak and a Caesar salad too. (It was better than it sounds--not boring at all. Trust me on this one.) Topped it all off with pineapple upside-down cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. (Doggy box #2. The cake wasn't a slice--more like a personal-size pizza than prompted memories of personal-pan Pizza Hut pizza and my favorite childhood friend of Jon's that I've never met before--Coreysmith! I've forgotten his real name.) What I took away from M. Well besides leftovers to look forward to was that Quebecers can definitely cook well, even in an old diner in Queens. Meanwhile I accidentally made our fridge into a freezer. Ice milk sculptures!

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