Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 10

Well, this may or may not be the last post from the old Hudson Place apt. It was a good apartment aside from the: crazy landlord, running toilets, leaking bathroom ceiling, no light in the shower, soaking tub we only ever used as storage, broken air conditioner in the living room, and black and green mold growing behind our dressers on the wall. Oh and lately the commute to/from work. The balcony, view, overall rocking on the porch, .5 bathroom, parking spot, and extra overall space will definitely be missed. Plus some fun memories like St. Wolfgang's Feast, seeing fireworks for the NYC Marathon pasta meal and new year's from our porch and July 4th fireworks from the roof, eating on the porch and roof with friends, swimming in the pool and reading/gazing at clouds on the roof, having family over and being near to them daily, surprising people with our return to NJ from VA, the geese babies, Mitsuwa dinners and Mitsuwa babies, the Asian babies in our building, and making our wedding thank-you cards and Christmas cards, and creating Doris's surprise shower invitations, and numerous other little creative things. I'm probably forgetting a lot, but overall it was a good apartment with neighbors who at worst smoked pot and stunk up the hall and .5 bathroom. It's only been nine days since we've been living in NYC, and while there are tons of great memories we are leaving behind, there are memories to now be made in NYC. Hopefully mostly good ones. Edgewater! Good night!

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